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What Makes You A Fashionista

I never thought that fashion and beauty stuffs would pull me into a swirling vortex, yet challenging and fun. I used to relate those two with something glamorous, fancy, expensive, and riches. I can’t afford the IDR 250 million fashionable Hermes Birkin. And my wardrobe doesn’t contain Dior, Armani, or even Chanel. How can I be a fashionista if I don’t have them in my closet?

The First Time I am Into Fashion

Perhaps my fondness for fashion, style, and beauty is influenced by the love of watching epic/historical movies like Braveheart, Lord of The Rings, Cleopatra, Elizabeth, Narnia, Alexander, Padmaavat and many more. The fever of Game of Thrones made me curious to browse more about epic serials where I found The Tudors, Vikings, The White Queen, Victoria, and The Crown. Besides the story itself, I love the soundtrack because every epic movie always has epic music which was played by orchestra. It feels so grande and gracious.

Somehow I started regarding to the types of clothing worn by the actors and actresses. I was fascinated by the details, patterns, and even the luxurious jewels they wore. Epic stories about Egypt and India empires always displayed the queen/princess wearing lots of gold and diamonds, represented the richness of the nation of that time.

I could say that was my first involvement with fashion things. Now every time I watch movie, no matter what genre it is, I will always put my attention to the clothes, shoes, and the accessories. My curiosity on Google led me to learn about fashion history and the interesting facts behind the trend's creation.

I Dare to Try

With all the astonishing features of fashion, I suddenly decided to have share in its part. I take online course in Parsons School of Design to learn about fashion industry. Then I try to establish my personal image as fashion and beauty enthusiast.

Before setting up, of course I did so many researches about the habit of fashion influencers, what are the impressive pictures they post on their Instagram account, and what they always write on their fashion blog.

The longer I examine, the more I feel unsure to take part on this fashion affair. All of them look fabulous, trendy, stylish, and luxurious in every moment captured. I feel small, like David side by side with the Goliaths.

It was my daughter who recognized me that fashion and beauty aren’t just about sophisticated looks. They are more about the definition of yourself and the way you represent it to the people. Fashion and beauty should be about spreading ideas, a medium to express feelings, and future investment.

Being a fashionista is not the same with fashion trend follower who always wears the latest model from a mode house or buying fashion items beyond reasonable price. Yes, some people really think that cost is never the factor to concern when it comes to high-end fashion. What they want is a personal touch which can distinguish you from others. This is what you call style, and no one is exactly the same because everyone is unique. It is influenced by culture, society you live in, even the favorite music genres.

Designers create clothes and influencers may generate trends. But in the end, you decide your own look, what you want to represent yourself to the eyes of the people. Don’t bother with what people think of the color collision, the odd silhouette, or perhaps so out of date your taste is. As long as you wear it confidently, and you’re proud of it sticking to your body, you will be great. And that’s what makes you fashionista.

And I am proud with what I am, and what I own right now. That is why in the very last minute, I convince myself to seize this moment. I'll never get satisfied, and never stop learning.


Elle Zahra

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