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The Lips' Enhancer

Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains

I knew I wouldn’t forget you, and so I let you go and blow my mind

(Hey, Soul Sister by Train)

While the wise man said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the lips are the key to the heart for they can sound to reflect our thoughts and feelings, and to voice all opinions that everyone can hear what we’re fighting for. Yeah, lips are one of the most powerful weapons of expression.

The color of lipstick can attract eyes that make you stand out in the crowd. While we are seeing or talking with someone, not every time the eyes continue to stare. The eyes will be drawn to lips, and that’s when lipstick plays an important role as enhancer. Believe it or not, the way you talk and laugh will attract people to beware, then prompt to respect and cherish you.

Tell the people you are in charge from the color of your lips.

Gorgeous, I think you all will agree with me that the right color on your lips can lead you to a wonderful life. The perfect lipstick will brighten your smile, boost confidence and sense of empowerment, also make you aggressive and totally in charge. Lipstick is the only cosmetic that really unleashes women’s femininity ever since the time of ancient being 5,000 years ago. We can deal with anything because lipstick will encourage the positivity in women.

One color will never be enough!

Many choices of colors and types, from matte to gloss, and nude color to red. I always emphasize myself to not just follow the latest trend, but to show the true self-identity that highlight the characteristics.

I love simplicity and modesty, that is why I often use the nude tones or soft pink. But when I want to affirm my capability to people, especially the one I first meet, I want to give the best impression I can make. The redder the better. Unlike make-up that must blend with the skin tone, I think the lipstick color selection will never depend on the skin color. Whether your skin is fair, brown, black, or white, you can put any colors on your lips.

Don’t be surprised if I think I must collect numerous lipsticks from varied types and brands. My most favorite is matte for it can long last. And so far, the local brands like Mizu and Emina are brighter, moister, lighter, and longer even after I ate curry. Absolute New York’s Modest Matte Liquid Lipstick is also the durable one and intense. But I just tried INGLOT Lipstick Matte, and the result is so superb for it can last for 8 hrs. It made my lips look spectacular for night-time event.

Don't ever doubt to choose the color you like. Make every occasion as your own show, so that people will notice you even in the middle of nowhere. And most importantly, make them stunned with the thoughts spoken through your lips.

So Gorgeous, you think what should we try for the next?


Elle Zahra

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