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My Way To 'Embrace' Pimples On My Face

Face is a part of body I concern the most, because it is like a front line that you show to everybody every time. It tells stories even when you don’t talk. Smile, laugh, angry, and sad are the emotions which are expressed through your face. So, this is very important to keep your face healthy and taken care of, because it is a sophisticated ‘weapon’ to impress people.

That is why searching for the best products can take a whole life quest for me. Skincare really depends on the type of your skin. If it’s suitable for Ms. Nancy, perhaps it is such a catastrophe for Angela. So that’s what happened to me.

After giving birth, acne grown in my face mercilessly which really depressed me. So, I tried at least three different skincare clinics recommended by friends (where they did facial therapy with glorious outcome) and checked netizens’ comments in social media about the service and the result's treatments. I googled the best dermatologist on that clinic and booked reservation.

I was so upset for I have wasted tons of million rupiah and almost one-year treatment with no satisfaction result. When I demanded explanation, those dermatologists said that the formula they gave was not strong enough to fight the Cutibacterium acnes and took a lot of time to eradicate the acnes. FYI, I requested the chemical compound must be safe for breastfeeding mother. Because of that reason, it was hard to bring back the flawless skin in a short time.

As a matter of fact, the source of my pimples is proven 97% hormonal cause. Even I have stopped breastfeeding since April 2019, I guess my feminine hormones are still not stable yet. The pimples are still everywhere and apparently will not going anywhere soon. *LOL

Well, I think what I can do is to embrace the blemishes' existence in my cheeks, but don't open up their chance to ruin my flawless appearance, AT ALL! I give my big appreciation to Lydia O'Leary who invented concealer in 1928, so that every woman in the world can cover their blemishes.

Besides using concealer every time I do make-up, having a skincare routine might be a MUST so that it does not worsen the condition of acne with the growth of bacteria. These are the steps I take to reduce the prosperity of pimples.

The very first thing in the morning: wipe my face with micellar water

Begin the day with a swipe of micellar water. Photo by:

After waking up from sleep, my face usually feels a little bit heavy and oily because the night before I put night cream. Micellar water is practical and easy to use with superb result. My face looks glowing, but in the same time feels light. This is the best start to begin your day.

Micellar water contains purified water, hydrating ingredients, and mild surfactants which grouped together to form micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) and then act as magnets for oil and dirt without leaving a sticky impression on the face. I think it is better than usual toner or cleanser, which is why micellar water must be on the list of my skincare routine.

Facial foam is on the role

Although micellar water can solve almost all facial cleansing problems, but facial foam is still a must item to clean face. The foaming action removes dirt and excessive oil in your skin deeper to the pores, so it absolutely makes your skin better.

Until today, beauty experts and believers are still arguing about the right time to apply facial foam. But I am the devotee of “wash twice a day” sect. I presume that too much soap can reduce sebum (oil) in your face.

Naturally, we need this sebum to moisturize our skin. Although sebum can cause acne while it is too much, but in appropriate amount it makes your face glowing because it is a signal you’re hydrated. Wash your face too often can lead it to a drying and irritating skin. So, I only foam my face twice a day, in the morning and at night before sleeping.

Using face cream to illuminate your whole day

Face cream is necessary to healthy face, but there are different functions between day cream and night cream that both are my obligation to employ.

Day cream contains SPF and antioxidant which can protect your face from ultraviolet, especially if skin is often exposed to sunlight. Whereas night cream’s job is to maintain healthy skin, recovery, regenerate, and reduce signs of aging (such as wrinkles) overnight during sleeping. So, this is the important ingredient of youth.

I am using the product of Oils of Life from The Body Shop now. The revitalizing cream can be used as day and night cream. Source:

As for now, my night skincare routine changes a little bit for I use a Mario Badescu Dry Lotion to eradicate (hopefully) pimples. So, after I wash my face with facial foam and dry it, I wipe my face with micellar water, and then dab the Mario Badescu product in my pimples area for a night. In the morning, my usual routine begins the same.

Peeling the aging

The last of my conventional is face peeling every twice a week (or whenever the time I think is the best time) to remove dirt and dead skin cells. I think it is no longer classified that peeling helps skin to look younger. The exfoliating effect from the chemical peel improves the skin appearance to be smoother and less wrinkled.

Just remember to not wield the peel when you are having menstruation. During your period, your pores are all open so it can irritate and damage the skin. Skin is in the most sensitive condition, so peeling will cause redness.

This The Body Shop gel peels without irritation or cause redness. Source:

Until this very recent time, I still look for the way to really eradicate my pimples by buying and trying some products (and absolutely it must be cruelty-free for I've committed on myself to preserve nature and caring to all living creatures). Perhaps if you have suggestion and recommendation, please kindly share with me, Gorgeous!

Keep in mind, Gorgeous. Don't think too much about the way you look that can cause you frustration. Self-appreciation towards your body is first. I agree if pimples bother so much. But now make-up can conceal, and yes it can take some time to make your skin superb. Just be patient. And don't forget to choose the cruelty-free products for your skin routine.


Elle Zahra

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