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For The Love of A Fashion Princess

I'd love to dedicate this article for my ferocious lioness Zahirah, my daughter who inspired me so much about fashion and beauty. She was the first person who made me realize that the way you dress and make up your face aren't just dealing with extravagant style. Moreover it's about the expression channel to represent what you really are to people. Choice of fashion stuffs and the color of eye shadow you put on are the proof that you are totally in charge for yourself and ready to conquer the world. That was the first lesson I learnt from my 2 y.o princess, and I can't be more proud of her for having her own passion.

"Look, Papa and Mama, I am so gracious."

Her fashion instinct started at least in the last two months before her 2nd birthday on last September 2018. On that time, we watched FROZEN movie for the 123rd times, and that was when Zahirah’s fondness for dresses began. She asked her papa to buy Elsa’s dress for her birthday celebration. Zahirah also demanded her uncle to purchase a pair of pink shoes of her choice which would fit in with the dress.

After her experience wearing Elsa’s dress and the pink shoes, Zahirah was less interested in toys. Instead, she entered every boutique to look for dresses, shoes, bags, and even jewels. She then started to pay attention on make-up kits like lipstick, blush-on palette, bronzer, and nail polish. She also preferred beauty treatment in the salon to playing on children playground.

"Wait, I need to touch-up my blush on first."

It's such a hard stress, yet very challenging, to have a daughter, especially if she has high awareness on fashion and beauty. At first, I didn't pay much attention to what I wore, or took care with the pimples on my face. Again, my daughter noticed me the importance of performance was a kind of self-caring. When she feels confidence with her own look, she's happy and ready to spread joy to all over the world. So, I felt embarrassed for not taking care on myself. Perhaps that was the source of my inferiority sense for all this time, lack of self-appreciation.

Zahirah has her own preference on dress she wants to wear that day, or what eye shadow color she desires to put. Somehow she doesn't care with our opinion. She sticks with her choice because that what she really loves. Perhaps she thinks that following her parents' instruction on dressing doesn't suit her passion, therefore it doesn't reflect her style. Another lesson from my daughter, wear what you think represent you the most and don't mind what other people say.

Make-up Kits for The Little Fashion Princess

I do notice that the woman cosmetic could harm toddler's skin. Gladly, nowadays we can find kids-friendly cosmetics via online on Lazada, Blibli, or Shopee. Two things you must concern about selecting make-up kits for your princess are:

1. Pick the the easy-removed cosmetics because it doesn't contain harmful chemical formula which can damage your daughter's sensitive skin.

2. See the age warning on the product. Some products are okay for 3 y.o, while others are only fit for 6 y.o above.

If your daughter has her own favorite character, it will be best if the kits are also emblemized with the picture of the character. It can increase her eagerness, creativity, and imagination. Local products

like Amara and Tomindo have cute characters version like Elsa from FROZEN movie, Hello Kitty, and with adorable shape like fancy suitcase. They also provide various colors of palette, pink-color lipstick, and peel-off nail polish. Since children love colors, the palette will have at least a dozen colors.

Okay Gorgeous, I have to go. My daughter and I are going for a mother-daughter spa treatment. And also she asks me to buy her new nail polish. Such a stylish toddler she is. *LOL. Happy weekend!


Elle Zahra

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