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Be Comfy During Your Period

Menstrual period could be the hardest time for every woman. In my case, from the most kindhearted wife and dedicated mother and also the most charming woman in the neighborhood, suddenly I could turn to be like Daenerys getting mad when she found out Jon Snow was the rightful king of Iron Throne.

I find myself so pathetic during the period. Besides the hormonal instability which causes bad temper, I feel I really hate my skin so much. It's not enough that pimples have been with me all this time, things are getting worse with menstruation. A month's effort to eradicate pimples is ruined within a week.

But again, this is the situation I must welcome for it's been the part of woman's nature. Let yourself being commanded by hormonal mood will not take you anywhere to recover. It is absolutely irritating, yet you can find ways to reduce the damage. And here are my suggestions:

Stay Moist

The first days of your period wipes out the glowing from your skin for estrogen (hormone which causes your skin smooth and luminous) reaches the lowest point. It dries out the fluid in your skin so that your pores look bigger and your wrinkles exposed.

The simple stuff to keep maintaining your radiance is by staying hydrate no matter what. Drink sufficient amount of glasses of water (2 liters a day) is the key to avoid your body from dehydration. It also supports to maintain the fluid balance so that your skin's moisturized.

Besides drinking water, using moisturizer cream (for face) and body lotion/butter (for hand and body) is also an obligation. This is actually the part of my skincare routine for day and night, so I have no issue with that. Using the cream that contains Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin C & E to restore the elasticity of the skin.

Use Comfortable Outfit

I don't know about you, Gorgeous. But every time I get my cycle, I always feel so stiflingly hot and sweaty even I am in an air-conditioned room. My scalp also feels itchy. So, the way to comfort me is by wearing a loose cotton shirt/dress/pants so it senses breathable. I will always avoid wearing tight jeans during my menstruation for it appears to press the area of femininity which induces cramp.

Doing What You Love

The pain (especially on the first two days) are sometimes unbearable. Well, but business must go on as usual with no delay.

To distract me from the strain, I just need to do what I love. I don't know why I need to pump my adrenaline during these days, probably because my body needs to be pleased to endure this spasm. So I re-read Agatha Christie's novels (specifically where Hercule Poirot is on the case. FYI, I have collected all her criminal novels by the way. :p ), watching horror/action movies, and also listen Guns N' Roses or The Rolling Stones. And somehow, I always get the spirit and ideas to write for the blog.

Exercise Simply

A week without doing workout is such a catastrophe for me. But with the cramps around the abdomen and other problems embrace, exercise seems not so much fun. Yet it must do or I encounter back pain instead. I find out that simple moves at least reduce the twinge like forearm plank, bird-dog exercise, static hip bridge, cobra-stretch, and lying twist stretch right and left.

Kiss and Hug As The Anesthesia

First days of the cycle probably are the most irritable days for some women. I still feel the soreness sometimes even the hurt won't be too much after you've been through laboring and breastfeeding. Yet I experience fatigue and mentally exhausted.

What you all need is people who can cherish and make you laugh out loud. A big hug and kiss from your beloved ones are the most effective anesthesia. I strongly recommend you to not take any drugs or supplements to reduce the pain, because it can effect your hormone in the future.

Being surrounded by people who love you can reduce stress and the sorrow caused by anything, especially the cramp during your menstrual cycle.

Because this is an emotional condition (caused by hormone chemical reaction) came from your mind (brain), it means you can also manipulate your mind (brain) to not feel the cramp. And what's the best manipulation but a happy feeling? Do whatever that makes you elated, be with people you care and love, then you are totally in joy.


Elle Zahra

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