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4 Tips to Create A Sustained Wardrobe

It might be hard to stand firmly in the world of fashion. We will always find a fresh new look of silhouette or a brand new style everyday. In Instagram, for example, I always discover various name brand stores promoting their collections. And the ads always change every time I can't remember one of the store's names. There are many stores sell and market assorted apparels in a day. Thanks to social media which boost it in the speed of lightning.

The temptation is so hard to be ignored which make us buy one or two or three pieces of them. Unfortunately, the desire often lasts for one or twice of usage, perhaps five times at most. Most of us then feel bored with the look and then ready to shop for the next model. Those attires will end up as antiques in the closet or in a trash (for worse).

Welcome to the world of fast fashion where everything about fashion style and model change so rapidly and produce massively. Fast fashion triggers the consumptive instinct of homo sapiens to keep buying and renewing the wardrobe with the latest collection. Most still don't realize that those actions bring perils that damage the Earth and humanity.

From a piece of cloth that is produced, 10-15 percent of the fabrics are wasted. China, as a country with a 50% share of apparel manufacture, produced 26 millions tons textile waste a year. In Java Island of Indonesia, there are dozens of textile industries dumped their waste into Citarum River which many people use as a source of livelihood, contributed Citarum as one of the most polluted rivers in the world after Ganges.

The main problem of fashion waste came from the unused fabrics. Most of them are synthetics thus causing the cloth to require decades of decomposition. Moreover, most of textile fabric dyes contain quite dangerous chemical compounds that can harm the exposed workers of fashion factory with cancer. Also, not to mention the humanitarian issue in which these workers are often ignored by the fulfillment of their work rights to pursue brisk and giant production.

Now we are aware that there are a lot of things to sacrifice behind the making of a piece of cloth, and they are connected with the environment concerns and human rights issues. A small act of change seems to be done from now on so that we are more responsible for our fashion choices. Here are my tips to make your closet sustained with a slow fashion.

Choose Only The Most Fabulous Things

Don't consider the price! Great price often comes with great quality, and that's definitely what makes it fabulous. When you have fabulous items in your trunk, you will always love it till the rest of your life so that you never think to throw it away. The fabric's quality is designed to last a long time, so it is not easily ruined. Nothing's better than a dress that can last.

Biodegradable Materials Are The New Black!

Well, if you are the extreme lover of changing trends and styles, you can consider the biodegradable materials. As its name, the fabric can compose within years (approximately 4-5 years) and most of them are made from fibers which are smooth and comfort on your skin. The average price is quite affordable. You can choose the ones made from organic cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, hemp, or organic bamboo. But you have to appraise the dyes used on those fabrics. Even the material is biodegradable, once it is combined with synthetic dyes, it will be hard to compose. The dyes must be organic, too!

Secondhand Clothes Are Also Cool

When you're bored with your collections but the attires are still in the perfect condition, perhaps you can hold a garage sale where your buddies can buy some of your items. Or you can exchange some of fashion stuffs with friends. I often do that with my stylish mom and sisterhoods. There are also many markets which sell secondhand fashion things. They are still in good shape, many of them are cute and cool, and especially very affordable with low prices.

Now you can also buy the second hand clothes from online shop or an offline boutique. In Jakarta, you can find the second hand fashion shops in Pasar Senen or Pasar Santa.

Re-create Your Look

Gorgeous, don't think to dispose your clothes ever again. Be creative and think outside the box to re-create a new look from the clothes you no longer desire. You can re-design a new skirt from the old item with stripes and combine it with (still from your old collection) another with different patterns and shapes. Perhaps it can display your unique taste.

So Gorgeous, I do hope that from now on, we really think big and deep in decide our fashion style. Sustainable fashion might be a new movement in Indonesia's fashion industry. But now is the right start to take huge steps to save humanity and our environment. Be a social activist or environmentalist in a sustained fashion.


Elle Zahra

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