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Encourage The Woman Within!

Perahu Laju.jpeg

Nothing Can Stop My Endless Imagination

Life is like sailing on a boat. It's okay to be lost in the middle of the ocean, because you may find plenty of surprises await you, meet new challenges you've never done on your life, and gain experiences you've never acknowledged before.

I am so happy the universe conspired to take me to a fun place, where there is no limits for my energy and imagination but me. I know I am so mad about the prejudices people judge over my gender. But society must know, nothing can stop me to achieve what I want. No matter how hard they try to roll my spirit with very strong wind and waves.​

So, I step on my way to embrace my self through fashion, style, and beauty with the sense of my feminism. To know who I am and what I am. To pursue my affection on art, and to chase what I really love.

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